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Astigmatism Correction

Toric Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) Implants

Astigmatism is a condition that leads to blurry vision because light rays from images that we look at are not able to focus on one central point on the macula (area of best vision).  For many patients, astigmatism is a very frustrating eye condition because they will constantly notice hazy vision.

Since this condition is due to an irregularly shaped cornea or natural lens, it may be treated with glasses, contacts, or laser vision correction. However, these treatment options do not help patients with cataracts.  Previously only standard lenses were available for implantation during cataract surgery.  Unfortunately, these lenses did not correct for astigmatism, and patients still had to wear glasses even after their cataract surgery.

Luckily, our patients at Coastal Vision Medical Group have access to the world's most advanced surgical therapies.  Our surgeons are very happy to offer new options for patients with astigmatism.  The Toric IOL is an ideal option for these patients, since it will provide a new clear lens and the ability to treat certain levels of astigmatism.

We are proud to announce that Coastal Vision Medical Group is one of the few centers in the country using ORA technology to ensure more accurate refractive outcomes for our patients. This state of the are device is used during cataract surgery to provide"real-time" information on the eye's refractive status.

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