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A pterygium is a non-cancerous overgrowth of the skin of the eye (known as the conjunctiva) onto the sclera, which is the eye's clear covering.  Many believe that a pterygium occurs as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight and/or dusty environments, but this has never been proven.

In many cases, a pterygium is not bothersome, but in some patients it may cause eye problems such as irritation, redness, burning, stinging, blurry vision, pain or a foreign body sensation.  In advanced cases, the pterygium may grow over the central part of the cornea leading to severe astigmatism or loss of vision.

For patients with a pterygium in one or both eyes, it is important that they keep in touch with Dr. Tran and have eye examinations to evaluate and monitor whether the pterygium is growing in size or causing irritation to the eye.  For treatment, Dr. Tran may recommend that you wear sunglasses and try to limit exposure to dusty environments.  He may also suggest using artificial tears or other prescription eye drops to help with any irritation the pterygium may cause.

If conservative management fails, or your pterygium is advancing toward the center of the cornea, Dr. Tran may recommend a surgery known as an ccular surface reconstruction.  This procedure is used to remove the pterygium, and replace the missing tissue with either your own or donor tissue.  One thing to remember is that up to 20% of the time, a pterygium may return after surgery.

Dr. Tran is a fellowship trained eye surgeon who specialize in the most advanced surgical techniques available today.  If you have a pterygium and would like an evaluation, please feel free to call our office at 714-771-1213 or fill out the online form to schedule your consultation.  Please see the video below for more information about pterygia and their treatment.