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PRK has proven to be remarkably effective at treating nearsightedness, hyperopia, and astigmatism.As with LASIK, PRK is performed to help you become less dependent on glasses and contacts to improve your vision. The main difference between PRK and LASIK is that PRK removes the outer skin of the cornea, and applies the laser directly to the cornea's surface, whereas LASIK creates a corneal flap without removing the entire outer layer of the cornea, followed by laser treatment to the inner tissue of the cornea.One of the biggest advantages of PRK surgery is that it provides an alternative for patients who are not LASIK candidates, while offering essentially the same results. 

Our surgeons at Coastal Vision Medical Group are considered by many to be the premier Cataract and Refractive Surgery experts in the Southern California.  They can carefully help you choose the most appropriate surgery.

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