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Premium Lens Options

Around the age of 40, most people begin to lose the ability to read comfortably without reading glasses.  This condition known as presbyopia, leaves nearly everyone around 50 years of age dependent on some form of reading correction.  During the early days of cataract surgery, we could only implant mono-focal lenses, meaning that patients only had the option of correcting their vision for up close (near vision) or for far away (distance vision).

Today, with the wonderful advances in intra-ocular lens (IOL) technology, Dr. Tran is able to provide his patients with premium multi-focal lenses (also known as presbyopia correcting lenses).  Implantation of these lenses after cataract surgery, may provide patients with the advantages of reducing or even eliminating dependence on glasses altogether.

Standard Monofocal IOL

Generic Multifocal IOL

Monovision with IOLs

At Coastal Vision Medical Group Dr. Tran is fellowship trained experts in cataract surgery, IOL technology and in the implantation of these premium multifocal IOLs.  We are able to provide our patients with an array of premium lenses, including the Restor Multifocal Lens, the Technis Multifocal Lens and the Crystalens.

Dr. Tran wants his patients to know that they provide their patients with the world's most advanced technology to ensure the best possible outcome.  We are proud to announce that Coastal Vision Medical Group is one of the few centers in the country using ORA technology to ensure more accurate refractive outcomes for our patients. This state-of-the-art device is used during cataract surgery to provide "real-time" information on the eye's refractive status.

To receive more information on cataract surgery and multi-focal lenses or to book a consultation with Dr. Tran, call 714-771-1213 or fill out our online registration form.