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Intacs® is the trademark name for micro-thin prescription inserts that were previously used as a form of refractive surgery in the treatment of low levels of myopia or nearsightedness, but have recently received FDA approval for treatment of keratoconus. 

Intacs are thin plastic, semi-circular rings inserted into the mid layer of the cornea. When inserted in the keratoconus cornea, they flatten the cornea, changing the shape and location of the cone. The placement of Intacs remodels and reinforces the cornea, eliminating some or all of the irregularities caused by keratoconus in order to provide improved vision. This can improve uncorrected vision, however, depending on the severity of the KC, glasses or contact lenses may still be needed for functional vision.

Dr. Tran is also the first surgeon in the world to combine the commercial use of IntraLase technology with intracorneal rings (Intacs) to treat patients with keratoconus; a disorder that leads to a loss of vision in young adults. With his expertise, Dr. Tran has been instrumental in mentoring other surgeons around the world about this treatment.

Candidacy Requirements For Intacs®

If you are considering Intacs inserts for treatment of keratoconus:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must be informed of the risks and benefits as compared to other available treatments for keratoconus
  • You must have nearsightedness and astigmatism as a result of keratoconus
  • You must be unable to achieve adequate vision correction with contact lenses or glasses
  • You must have clear central corneas - no scarring or infection present
  • You must have a corneal transplant procedure as the only remaining option to improve your vision

Data has been collected on the use of Intacs®  for treating keratoconus since 1997

Intacs® Safety:

  • Intacs for keratoconus mirror the safety of FDA-approved Intacs for Myopia
  • If required, Intacs can be removed preserving the option for corneal transplantation


Ability to Stabilize Vision

  • Intacs may restore functional vision by allowing the eye to be effectively corrected with contact lenses or glasses if needed
  • Intacs  add structural integrity to the cornea without invading the optical zone
  • Intacs flatten and shift the cone centrally, restructuring the corneal architecture to a normal prolate shape



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