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Glaucoma and Anatomy

The eye is an organ that makes its own replenishing fluid called the aqueous, whose function is to bathe some of the eyes internal structures and provide nourishment. The aqueous is made inside the eye by the Ciliary Body, which is a very vascular structure that sits behind the iris (the colored part of the eye).  Since the eye is a closed system, the aqueous must drain from the eye, or the intraocular pressure (IOP) will rise. The eye's drainage structure is called the trabecular meshwork, which sits inside the "angle of the eye."  The angle of the eye is an area of great interest to glaucoma patients and glaucoma specialists alike. It is at the angle where most of the glaucomatous action takes place. The trabecular meshwork (remember: the eyes drainage structure which sits inside the angle) has been studied for years, and has been found to be behind the pathophysiology of glaucoma.