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General Eye Conditions

Nearly every disease affecting the human body has some sort of manifestation in the eye. For this reason, eye doctors refer to the eyes as the windows into our bodies.  On many occasions, eye doctors are the first to diagnose a number of medical problems such as diabetes, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sometimes even cancer.

For these reasons, eye examinations are vital to your overall health.  Dr. Tran is an expert in general eye health, and strives to provide his patients with the most advanced therapies medicine has to offer.

In order for our eye doctors to communicate with your healthcare team, please provide us with a list of your medications and the names of the medical professionals who care for your health.

For more information on general eye care issues such as dry eye and blepharitis, please look on the toolbar provided on the left of the screen.  Hopefully, the information and videos will help you better understand your eye care needs.