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Blepharitis is due to inflammation of the specialized glands in the eyelids known as meibomian glands.  The function of these glands is to secrete a fatty material that slows down the evaporation of your eye's tear film layer.  If these glands become irritated or inflamed, they will not function properly, and may lead to a number of issues such as eye or eyelid irritation, redness, pain, burning, itching, dry eye, eyelash dandruff and pain.  In some cases, the blepharitis is due to a bacterial infection or may be associated with Rosacea.

The treatment of blepharitis may include using a warm compress and eyelid hygiene.  In some cases, Dr. Tran may prescribe eye drops or oral medications to improve your symptoms.  In general there is no cure for blepharitis, and if you do not continue the treatment regimen, your symptoms will return.  Dr. Tran offers a new procedure known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy to improve meibomian gland function in patients in whom other therapies have failed.

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