Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

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Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

MIGS (micro or minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries) are a group of procedures that reduce IOP and/or medication burden (and associated compliance issues) with a level of safety that exceeds that of older, more aggressive glaucoma procedures.

While traditional glaucoma surgeries can be effective, they permanently impact the anatomic structure of the eye. MIGS is a restorative treatment and unlike traditional glaucoma treatments, which bypass the eye’s natural drainage channels, MIGS restores the natural outflow pathways in order to reduce the elevated intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma. MIGS works within the natural structures of the eye because no artificial pathways are created and no incisions are made within the visual field of the eye, MIGS has a high safety profile and requires minimal post-operative follow-up. Most patients can return to normal day-to-day activities almost immediately following treatment.

OMNI Surgical System

OMNI is a new minimally invasive surgical option for glaucoma. Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery is exciting because of its safety profile and fast post-operative recovery.

Unlike other minimally invasive procedures for glaucoma, which only treat a small portion of the trabecular drainage system, the OMNI device can treat the entire 360 degrees of the trabecular drain. This allows your surgeon to address three points in the eye where blockage or drainage resistance can occur:

  • Trabecular Meshwork

  • Schlemm's Canal

  • Distal Collector Channel

The first part, visco-canaloplasty, is a procedure that dilates the entire 360 degrees of Schlemm’s canal, allowing the drainage channels to function better. The second part, trabeculectomy, removes a portion of the trabecular meshwork, providing direct access for aqueous fluid to drain into Schlemm’s canal. Based on the stage of your glaucoma, your surgeon can titrate the amount of trabeculectomy performed. Therefore, patients of any stage of glaucoma are candidates for the procedure.

After surgery, the patient may be able to reduce their number of glaucoma drops. Visual recovery is very rapid. The OMNI procedure can be performed at the time of cataract surgery or as a standalone procedure.

Ellex ABiC (Ab-interno canaloplasty)

ABiC™ is a new minimally-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) procedure, based on the same dilation principles of traditional Canaloplasty but via a simplified and much faster ab-interno approach. It is also the only MIGS procedure that successfully and comprehensively addresses all aspects of potential outflow resistance.


iTrack™ is an advanced surgical treatment for glaucoma. It uses breakthrough microcatheter technology to enlarge your eye’s natural drainage system, similar to angioplasty. iTrack™ works within the natural structures of the eye. No artificial pathways are created, and no incisions are made within the visual field of the eye. There is a reduced level of postoperative complications when compared to traditional surgical techniques.

iTrack™ is clinically proven to significantly reduce intraocular pressure (IOP). As an added benefit, many patients who undergo iTrack™ no longer require anti-glaucoma medications, or can reduce the number of medications required.

Glaucoma Stents

Glaucoma stents are small devices that are surgically inserted into the eye, often during cataract surgery, to increase the outflow of intraocular fluid and reduce intraocular eye pressure.

​​​​​​​Glaukos iStent & iStent Inject

iStent inject® W is one of the smallest medical implants known to be implanted in the human body and can effectively lower IOP, one of the most important risk factors for glaucoma.

Glaukos started a revolution in glaucoma surgery and treatment with the development of the first Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery device. To date, trabecular micro-bypass technologies developed by Glaukos – such as iStent®, iStent inject®, and iStent inject® W – have been implanted in hundreds of thousands of eyes, with more patients benefiting from these procedures every day.

Once implanted in the eye, iStent inject® W can help restore normal pressure in the eye. It’s designed to restore your eye’s natural ability to drain the fluid that causes the increased pressure inside your eye. This may allow your doctor to reduce or eliminate your glaucoma medications.

​​​​​​​Ivantis Hydrus Microstent

Roughly the size of an eyelash, the highly flexible Hydrus Microstent is placed by a doctor using microscopic incisions and advanced equipment. This less invasive approach allows for fewer complications and faster healing times than traditional glaucoma surgery.

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