Coastal Vision - Chino Hills, CA

Coastal Vision - Chino Hills, CA

Coastal Vision - Chino Hills, CA

Coastal Vision - Chino Hills, CA

Leading LASIK and Eye Care Providers servicing Chino Hills, CA

Are you searching for an Eye Doctor or Ophthalmologist in Chino Hills? Coastal Vision Medical Group is the leading provider of LASIK cataract surgery and a variety of other eye care services in Chino Hills, CA.

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Why Residents of Chino Hills Should Consider Coastal Vision Medical Group for Advanced Custom LASIK

Since many of our new patients come from happy former clients or medical professionals, it’s likely that people who live in Chino Hills and the surrounding area have a friend or loved one who has had their poor eyesight corrected at Coastal Vision Medical Group . We are proud to offer the most up to date laser-assisted eye correction surgery options in the field, including the Advanced Custom LASIK procedure. Advanced Custom LASIK, is a quick procedure, done in only a few minutes, and is the most advanced and most customized laser eye surgery option, with many patients resuming everyday activities within just a day or two post-procedure. This advanced eye correction technology has already provided many patients in Chino Hills with the freedom from wearing glasses or contact lenses.

At Coastal Vision Medical Group, an excellent patient experience is as important to us as a successful procedure. Here are some highlights potential clients can expect from Coastal Vision Medical Group’s practice that will show our commitment to our patients. Not all laser eye centers are the same in Chino Hills and surrounding areas.

LASIK and SMILE Eye Surgeons in Chino Hills

Coastal Vision Medical Group ’s founder and medical director, Dan B. Tran, MD originally founded Coastal Vision Medical Group in 1999. Education and experience in both engineering and medicine are what makes Dr. Tran an expert in vision correction technology. Dr. Tran personally selects the best technology for each of his patients. In practice since 1999, Dr. Tran was the first surgeon in the world to use an IntraLase laser to perform All-Laser LASIK procedures, Dr. Tran introduced IntraLase technology, now the general standard in care for the field of laser vision correction.

As Coastal Vision Medical Group ’s medical director, Dr. Dan B. Tran has combined the latest and most advanced technologies with highly trained surgeons utilizing the best surgical techniques to deliver the unparalleled visual outcomes to patients. Our team of highly skilled surgeons are nationally and internationally recognized as pioneers in femtosecond laser technology. Their experience includes mentorship of generations of medical students, many of whom are on faculty of prestigious institutions today. They are highly sought after for vision correction procedures by United States Military personnel, California Police and Fire Departments.

Superior Experience and Superior Results

At Coastal Vision Medical Group, ALL of our vision correction surgeons are Cornea Specialists. This is experience is an important distinction as the majority of practicing LASIK surgeons in the United States are not Cornea Specialists. A testament to our surgeons additional training and expertise is that over 99% of our patients experience uncorrected vision within 1 line of the best correctable vision, which is 20/20 for most people. While the national average for enhancement rate is 10%, Coastal Vision Medical Group’s is below 1%. Anyone considering Advanced Custom LASIK or other laser eye surgeries in Chino Hills and the surrounding area can feel confident in these superior results.

Advanced Custom LASIK Technology

Like a fingerprint, your eyes and visual needs are unlike anyone else's. That's why we believe that your vision correction deserves to be custom tailored to your eyes. Advanced Custom LASIK is the most personalized treatment plan available on the market.

We are one of the only centers in the world where a completely bespoke treatment is standard.

By combining femtosecond laser technology, iris registration, and topography guided mapping our cornea specialists offer the most advanced and most personalized treatment plan available anywhere.

Coastal Vision Lifetime Commitment

We stand behind our surgical results. If a future enhancement or "touch-up" is needed to maintain your vision correction, you will receive a same-technology enhancement procedure at no cost, if medically advisable. Coastal Vision offers more patients in the area of Chino Hills and surrounding cities greater options for peace of mind when it comes to vision correction

A Multitude of Corrective Eye Surgery Options

Advanced Custom LASIK, Cataract Surgery, Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL), Reading Vision Options, Laser Vision Correction, Glaucoma Treatment, Corneal Procedures, General Eye Conditions, Dry Eye Treatment, Lens Replacement Surgery

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​​​​​​​Patient-Focused Service

At Coastal Vision Medical Group , we believe in providing patients in Chino Hills with the best possible medical and surgical Ophthalmological Care available utilizing the latest and best technology available.

We offer flexible operating hours to potential patients Chino Hills and the surrounding areas, with weekday appointments available in 4 convenient locations in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside County, Norco Valley, Inland Empire, and the Long Beach Area. Our caring staff and experienced surgeons are waiting to answer your questions! Call us toll-free at (888) 501-4496.

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