Vivity™ IOL with X-Wave Technology™

Vivity™ IOL with X-Wave Technology™

Vivity™ IOL with X-Wave Technology™

Vivity™ IOL with X-Wave Technology™

Vivity™ IOL With X-Wave Technology™

The surgeons at Coastal Vision Medical Group are offering an exciting new advancement in premium intraocular lenses to cataract patients.. The Alcon AcrySof™ IQ Vivity™ lens provides patients with high-quality distance and intermediate vision, and functional close-up vision thanks to new technology.

What Separates Vivity from Other Premium Lens Options?

  • Vivity is designed with a new, non-diffractive technology called X-Wave™. Alcon’s unique non-diffractive technology uses all available light to create a continuous, extended range of vision. This means patients experience optimal vision in both bright and dim lighting. Other diffractive multifocal lenses split the wavefront into many separate focal points.

  • Vivity offers protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays and filters harmful blue light rays from digital devices.

  • One of the disadvantages of other multifocal lenses is that patients often complain about visual disturbances. These include halos, starbursts, and glare after having cataract surgery. Some patients who are more concerned about driving even opt for monofocal lenses because they have a much lower incidence of these post-cataract side effects. The non-diffractive technology in the Vivity lens reduces or eliminates these visual disturbances. This is a major advantage for night driving.

Can Vivity Correct Astigmatism?

Your astigmatism can be corrected at the time of cataract surgery with a special Vivity toric lens, which is specifically designed to correct astigmatism.

Will I still need glasses if I choose the Vivity lens?

Although the Vivity lens does provide patients with excellent visual acuity, you may still need glasses if you choose it. Your vision will be sharper and more defined in any lighting, especially dim lighting, but there may still be situations when you’ll need your reading glasses.

This may be most applicable if you spend a great deal of time in front of computers or completing other close-up tasks. For most activities, like texting on your phone, or reading a menu at a restaurant, you may not need your glasses at all.

There is no guarantee that you’ll never need your glasses again, but you’ll be able to depend on them much less with this advanced, premium lens option!

Am I a good candidate for the Vivity IOL?

The only way to know is to schedule a cataract or refractive lens exchange evaluation by calling us at (888) 501-4496 or clicking here to schedule online. Convenient monthly payment plans are available.

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