Who Can Benefit From Custom LASIK?

Who Can Benefit From Custom LASIK?

Who Can Benefit From Custom LASIK?

Who Can Benefit From Custom LASIK?

Who Can Benefit From Custom LASIK?



LASIK vision correction surgery has led to the improvement of the vision of millions of people around the world. The surgery helps correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The basis of traditional LASIK is the patient’s lens prescription. 


Custom LASIK involves using a wavefront device or computer to measure the patient’s cornea. The device can examine corneal aberrations. It calculates how to improve the vision while maintaining the natural overall cornea shape. 



Custom LASIK Procedure



During a custom LASIK procedure, eye surgeons use wavefront-guided technology to determine the part of the cornea that needs reshaping. The device evaluates the overall eye before the surgery. Using the wavefront computer imaging allows the cornea to have an accurate shape. 

The procedure meets the patient’s eye needs. This increases the chances of having better vision after the procedure. The wavefront measurement uses reflected light waves for measuring eye aberrations, creating a unique pattern of the cornea.



Who Qualifies for Custom LASIK?



To find out if you can benefit from custom LASIK, you need to talk to an optometrist. Those who qualify for custom LASIK are adults over the age of 18. People who do not have a history of infections, scarring, or eye disease can get the procedure. 


To benefit from custom LASIK, the surgeon must determine that you have the appropriate corneal thickness. Custom LASIK is ideal for people with mild to moderate myopia, farsightedness, or astigmatism. 



Benefits of Custom LASIK



There are several benefits of custom LASIK compared to traditional LASIK. Traditional LASIK does not measure the specific corneal aberrations or thinner areas in the cornea. 


Custom LASIK provides this measurement, allowing the surgeon to customize the procedure. The technology leads the surgeon to determine where the lasers will remove cornea tissue. It takes into consideration the cornea’s unique shape and irregularities. Custom LASIK helps improve the clarity of near and far vision. It also improves fine vision and contrast sensitivity.



Side Effects of LASIK



There are some side effects associated with both custom and traditional LASIK. The side effects include: 


  • Dry eyes.
  • Halos, starbursts, or glares around lights.
  • Blurry or hazy vision. 
  • Discomfort, pain, or itchiness in the eye.
  • Difficulty with night driving.
  • Infection, inflammation, and light sensitivity. 
  • Overcorrection, resulting in headaches and trouble focusing. 
  • Under-correction, where the refractive error is still blurry or distorted. 


In most cases, the side effects go away after some time, but others may require treatment.



Why Choose Custom LASIK?



The results of custom LASIK are superior to those of traditional LASIK. Most patients who get custom LASIK report fewer side effects, especially when driving at night and light distortions. 

The procedure is more costly than traditional LASIK, and it is just as effective. The cost of custom LASIK will generally depend on your location. Custom LASIK has fewer side effects than traditional LASIK, and the effects are less likely to be permanent. 


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