What Are the First Signs Glaucoma Is Developing?

What Are the First Signs Glaucoma Is Developing?

What Are the First Signs Glaucoma Is Developing?

What Are the First Signs Glaucoma Is Developing?

What Are the First Signs Glaucoma Is Developing?



Glaucoma is a collection of eye diseases that gradually damage the optic nerve. When fluid does not drain from your eye, it builds up and applies pressure on the optic nerve. In many cases, symptoms do not show until the condition affects your vision.


The condition commonly affects people who are above the age of 40. Sometimes, it may appear in those below this age. You should, therefore, be vigilant in checking for early signs of the disease.



Signs to Look Out For



The best way to detect glaucoma early is to go for regular comprehensive exams. Comprehensive exams allow the doctor to look into the eye and detect fluid buildup. They will then be able to take measures to prevent you from going blind. Here are some of the signs you need to look out for between your regular eye checkups.



Cloudy Eyes



The cornea has a layer of cells inside. These cells help keep the corneal area clear by pumping out the watery fluid. If there is a lot of fluid buildup, pressure may rise too high, releasing fluid into the cornea. The fluid then makes the cornea appear cloudy and like it has water. It is the reason for the cloudy eyes. 


In many cases, cloudy eyes are a sign of cataracts. Whatever the case, seek medical attention immediately when you see your eyes are cloudy.



Sensitivity to Light



When your intraocular pressure rises, your eyes are likely to become sensitive to light. The clouding of the eye due to fluid in the cornea may be the reason for the sensitivity. When the cornea is cloudy, light bounces off it irregularly. The irregular bouncing of light causes an uncomfortable glare. It may not be harmful, but it is a sign that you need to see a doctor.



Halos Around Lights



Whenever you see halos around light, it is a sign that you are developing an eye disorder. The symptom is indicative of glaucoma or cataracts. Halos are bright circles like those of headlights. In this case, the light or halo will look like it is surrounding a source of light.



Sudden, Severe Pain



It is the most common symptom of glaucoma. The cause of the pain is the pressure the fluid exerts on the optic nerve. Sudden, severe pain shows that the glaucoma is worsening and needs immediate medical attention. It will also cause redness of the eye, nausea, and vomiting. The pain is often unbearable and requires emergency treatment.



Loss of Vision



The loss of vision in one eye is a symptom to look out for. You may also recognize a blind spot in your field of vision. Do not ignore these signs. Seek immediate medical assistance. Glaucoma causes a gradual loss of vision. Thus, you should take this symptom seriously before it leads to sudden blindness.


Mind that the symptom may indicate some other underlying issue apart from glaucoma. It is better to seek emergency treatment to avoid permanent blindness.


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