Vivity™ IOL With X-Wave Technology™ for Cataract Patients

Vivity™ IOL With X-Wave Technology™ for Cataract Patients

Vivity™ IOL With X-Wave Technology™ for Cataract Patients

Vivity™ IOL With X-Wave Technology™ for Cataract Patients

Treatment for cataracts has come a long way. If you are searching for the right intraocular lens (IOL) for your cataracts, you can enjoy more varieties today.


Cataracts are foggy or cloudy parts in your natural eye lenses that affect eyesight. When the natural eye lens becomes foggy, the fog prevents light from passing through, causing you to have trouble seeing. However, your eye doctor can treat cataracts by removing and replacing the foggy lens with an IOL, such as the Vivity™ lens.


What Is Vivity Lens With X-Wave Technology?


Vivity lens is the newest type of lens that ophthalmologists use to replace cataracts when performing cataract surgery. The lens uses X-wave technology that provides an extended range of vision. This means that you will be able to see various points and distances much better, and light will not interrupt your vision.


Before the Vivity lens came into the picture, ophthalmologists used ordinary intraocular lenses to treat cataracts. These lenses only helped patients to see both near and far, but the objects between these distances looked blurry. Besides, the old IOLs did not work well in dim and bright lighting. They created halos or glare around bright light and distance light.


How Does Vivity Lens Work in Cataract Surgery?


When light enters the eye, the Vivity lens bends it to fall on the retina. That way, a patient who has had cataract surgery can see better during the day and at night without the disturbance of halos or glare around lights.


How Safe Is the Vivity Lens?


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) checks all lenses that enter the US market. The FDA approved Vivity lenses in February 2020 as a new eye treatment method in the intraocular lens market. This was after the FDA assessed two successful clinical trials involving Vivity lenses.


To add to that, ophthalmologists in Western Europe and Australia have reported tremendous treatment outcomes, and patients rate the treatment highly.


Do You Still Need to Wear Eyeglasses With the Vivity Lens?


Even though Vivity lenses improve your eyesight, you may still need to use your eyeglasses. Your eyesight will be clearer and sharper in bright and dim lighting, but there are some cases where you may want to use reading glasses. For instance, you may need a pair of reading glasses to read small text in newspapers or prescription labels.


Is Vivity Lens Right for You?


Your eye doctor will examine you and check whether the Vivity lens will work for you. If you have other eye illnesses—even dry eye, a history of eye conditions, or an autoimmune disease—the Vivity lens may not be the best option for you.


The good news is that eye doctors are reporting that the Vivity lens has been successful in treating patients with glaucoma and some macula problems.


For more on Vivity IOL with X-Wave Technology for cataract patients, contact Coastal Vision Medical Group at our offices in Norco, California. You can call (888) 501-4496 today to schedule an appointment.

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