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What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts: A Natural Part Of Aging

Cataracts are the leading cause of visual loss in adults 55 and over. A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye. This lens, located behind the iris, works just like the lens of a camera – focusing light images on the retina, which sends images to the brain. The human lens can become so cloudy that it prevents light and images from reaching the retina.  A cataract can be the reason sharp objects become blurred, bright colors become dull, and night vision becomes poor. Other symptoms of cataracts are trouble reading and halos or glare due to sunlight or oncoming traffic.

The best way to treat a cataract is with cataract surgery that removes the old clouded lens and replaces it with a new, artificial lens. This allows our experienced surgeons at Coastal Vision Medical Group to restore your vision and in many ways, significantly improve your quality of life.