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Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Cataract SurgeryAt Coastal Vision, we use only the latest surgical technologies to give all our patients the very best outcomes. Having introduced the all-laser, bladeless LASIK technique, Dr. Dan B. Tran was the first surgeon in California to utilize the bladeless LenSx® femtosecond laser technology to perform refractive cataract surgery. The LenSx laser uses a computer-guided laser to make incisions, instead of a blade. This allows each cataract surgery to be more precise and more customizable than traditional methods, achieving highly accurate and predictable results.

Coastal Vision is also the first center in Southern California to use the ORA® System with VerifEye™ for cataract surgery. It used to be that your surgeon needed to wait weeks after performing surgery to determine your vision results. Now, using the ORA System with VerifEye during the procedure, your surgeon measure your outcome and make any adjustments necessary. Once the cloudy lens is removed, the ORA System guides the use of these advanced technologies and allows your surgeon to ensure the new IOL is properly selected and placed, giving you a better visual outcome.

Our surgeons at Coastal Vision Medical Group are considered to be the premier cataract and refractive Surgery experts in the Southern California.  Dr. Tran is a leade and innovators in ophthalmology, and uses the world's most advanced technology to make sure his patients have the best possible outcomes. They can carefully help you choose the most appropriate surgery.

Call 714-771-1213 to schedule a cataract evaluation, and to discuss the LenSx blade-FREE laser cataract surgery, or click here to schedule online. Convenient monthly payment plans are available.